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Jogging with Asics, Gel Nimbus 13

Gel Nimbus 13 Introduction

Gel jogging sneakers are complex and clever technological inventions.  The term ‘gel’ is introduced in the name for the reason that it fundamentally involves a procedure in which a gel substance is injected to the sole of the shoes. These sneakers such as the ‘Gel Nimbus 13’ offer a sense of comfort and panache to the wearer. The shoes are especially design for running and jogging purposes and for other physical calisthenics.

The Asics Corporation.

The conglomerate has been churning out performance-driven running footwear for more than a few years. At the same time, they also endeavor to come up with different editions for their line, upgrading their products with better implementations and better functioning standards. The renovation of the Gel Nimbus 12 to the Gel Nimbus 13 has been staggering indeed. The new addenda to the shoes seem to make up for their much expensive price tag. However, the collection has been position as one of the finest and top running shoes. The sophisticated features the Nimbus 13 comes with, renders it to be a wise choice for runners.

Gel Nimbus 13

Features of the Nimbus 13

What sets the sneakers apart from every other are its distinctive attributes. Asics had cleverly furnish its product with the Impact Guidance system, which allows the feet to act more proficiently. More than that, the Space trusstic System which boost a runners normal stride and the Asymmetrical lacing design that sets it apart from conventional lacing styles and gave the shoes a customized counterpart, making a runner’s feet more comfortable and at ease.

The Nimbus 13 is lighter because of the solyte cap that is positioned beneath the forefoot. The shoes’ weight  is supposedly decreased by ¾ oz. The company also claim that the new version does not compromise on a trainer’s performance.  It also offers a side-to-side steadiness which is beneficial when encountering an unequal type of surface, often causing sprained ankles and other mishaps. It also somewhat has a lower-profile back heel that simply makes a person feel a little lower when compared with the previous versions.

Appearance and Colors:

The appearance of the Asic’s footwear has been quite often appreciated by most people, but in relation to the fashion, the Gel Nimbus 13 is fairly dissimilar from other Asic’s sneakers. A variety of colors range has also been introduced in the product, fitting a person’s style and personality. While simultaneously gives a much more ‘younger’ and ‘fun’ touch. But for those who wants a more classic look, the Nimbus 13 does come in a standard black and white structure.


The Nimbus 13 is available for both males and females and even for children. Whether you’re trying to stay in shape or running as a sport, The footwear could work for just anyone at any age. The shoes also provide a satisfying experience and it’s approvingly appropriate. Pack with loads of features into a single shoe, The Gel Nimbus 13 might be the best option for just anybody.


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